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Perfect Technology Strategy™

The Perfect Technology Strategy™ is an 11-step blueprint to always chosing the right technology for your business. This is built using the results of your CHESS™ assessment and your CHESS™ profile.

Five Families of Technology™

Discovered through academic research and applied to over 1,000 businesses, the Five Families of Technology™ are the foundational building blocks of your business archetype. Each of these families helps your business achieve its goals.

Three Classes of Technology™

Coupled with the Five Families of Technology™, the Three Classes of Technology™ will help your business avoid vendor lock in, decide how to adopt technology for your business, and provide the tactical steps you need for your business technology. Building on the 7 core technologies every business needs, the Three Classes of Technology™ unlock your business unique superpower to beat competitors.

My CTO Will Know™

Our promise to you when you engage us for your business and technology consulting is that we will provide answers to your questions - or we will research until we have an answer for you! Technology moves fast and it is our job to provide you with the best answers so that you can say "I don't know, but My CTO Will Know™!"


As the result of over a decade of research and experience, CHESS™ was discovered. The foundational business and technology consulting product we offer combines an academically researched assessment with business experience to uncover your top two of the Five Families of Technology™ and help you steer your business towards technology success.

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